What to expect

Step 1 – Make an appointment

Contact us to make a complementary initial appointment. We will confirm your appointment time and date by email and include a questionnaire which we will ask you to complete and return prior to your appointment. The questionnaire is important as it provides us with an opportunity to gain an understanding of your situation prior to our meeting. This means that our time together can be spent discussing what is important to you and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Step 2 – Initial discovery meeting

The first appointment is all about you. It is all about understanding the life you want to live:

• Your personal vision
• Your values
• Your goals

Understanding your situation, identifying and prioritising your goals helps you gain clarity on the position you want to reach in the future.


Step 3 – Proceed to the next stage

After the initial discovery meeting we will send you a written proposal letter, confirming our understanding of your current situation and how we can improve your personal and financial wellbeing. We will also detail any additional areas we feel will need to be included in the advice process. This summary will also detail the fees we charge for preparing your personalised financial road map (Statement of Advice) and for keeping you on track. This way you are able to decide if we are the right advisers for you.


Step 4 – Presentation of your financial road map

We will then prepare a written personalised financial road map (Statement of Advice), based upon the information gathered from you and your other professional advisers (Accountants and Solicitors). The strategies detailed will be tailored to your personal situation to give you clarity on achieving the life you want. This road map will be the financial blueprint from which we will build and develop.

Another meeting will then be arranged with you to present our strategies and recommendations. The financial road map may then be taken away by you to read more thoroughly and to discuss with your family and other professional advisers.


Step 5 – Final meeting and implementation

A final meeting will then be arranged to discuss in detail any questions you have about the strategies and recommendations. Any additional adjustments will be made at this meeting and the agreed strategy and recommendations will be implemented.


Step 6 – Ongoing relationship

We are committed to working with you to help you achieve your goals and objectives. This ongoing relationship helps to keep you on the right track towards the achievement of your goals. This is our company’s purpose and the measure of our team’s success. We know that overall, it is our ongoing service program along with your commitment that will ensure you achieve results.