Age care advice

Aged Care Planning Process & Considerations – The ingoing, outgoing & ongoing costs

Deciding to move into an aged care home is often a challenging and emotional decision for the person moving and their loved ones.

Many things need to be taken care of, like choosing the right aged care facility, financing the costs of aged care and deciding what to do with the family home.

The financial implications of these decisions can have a significate impact on what you pay, how care is funded, your entitlements as well as impact on assets as they transfer to the next generation.

What to expect from our advice

We will guide you through a defined process to help you make the right financial decisions when entering aged care.

We will help you;

– Understand how the aged care system works
– Understands your options
– Choose the aged care option that best meets your needs
– Employ the best strategies to help reduce the cost of aged care












You may be wondering;

What sort of care do I need now?
What are they likely to be over the next 10 years?
What will be the cost as my care needs increase?
At what point can the village no longer provide the care or services I require?
How do I feel about living with other people whose care needs are likely to increase?
How will I fund the move?

Implementing your aged care plan

There are two separate roles we perform to help ensure your plan is implemented and works;


We liaise with, brief and coordinate;

– Your family
– An aged care specialist for placement into a facility
– Your chosen aged care facility
– If required, your accountant for taxation and entity advice
– Your other advisers

We can project manage the facilitation of your plan to ensure each party is working with the right information to help meet your aged care objectives.

Financial Advice

We will;

– Develop personal recommendations and present and explain the advice strategies that we recommend based on what you want to achieve.
– Where instructed to do so, implement the advice strategy we recommend to help maximum your financial position.

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